I have been a DSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) for the last 14 years following a 20 year career in the Civil Service. Over those 14 years I have developed my teaching skills to achieve a higher than national average pass rate with my pupils. I cover all of Winchester and the surrounding areas and now concentrate solely on automatic lessons.
I have also branched out by being involved in the national police scheme to offer offending drivers the opportunity to benefit from some re-training rather than face prosecution. My role now is as an on-road trainer for the new national  ‘Safe and Considerate Driving ’ course. A requirement for being such a trainer is to hold the Gold Award from RoSPA – the highest civilian Advanced Driver qualification we have.
As with other ADIs I have been through the rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking system. Like many ADIs I deliver standard learner driver training at a very competitive price and with a high success rate. I am also registered as an Approved PassPlus Instructor with Hampshire County Council which means that you can receive expert tuition from me and qualify for a substantial grant towards the cost of the PassPlus training (if you are a Hampshire resident). Unlike the majority of ADIs I offer all this driver training in an automatic transmission car. Some past pupils have started from scratch with automatic, but very occasionally the option to change to automatic has been a welcome and successful one for pupils really struggling with the coordination required for manual transmission.
In addition I have in the past been involved with the AA Motability Scheme which sponsors driver training for people with disabilities. Thus I have trained people who, for example, have very little use of one arm or one leg, or perhaps both.

Talk to me - driving lessons are not just for learners!
I am happy to discuss bespoke training for any driver, whether on a provisional or full licence. Perhaps you would like a confidence builder for motorways or multi-storey car parks. Maybe you are a Senior Citizen wanting an honest appraisal of your skills and capabilities (my work on the Driver Improvement Scheme has frequently required me to assess and train elderly drivers up to the age of 90). Whatever it is I’m happy to discuss it with you.
Lessons are a minimum of one hour. I am happy to do one and half hours or two hours to be mutually agreed. I would not recommend any one lesson exceeding two hours for the majority of pupils. Neither am I an advocate of very intensive training (“I want to start to learn and take my test in two weeks please”!) as it is simply not an effective way of learning in my opinion. 
You will find that I spend the majority of my lessons with you driving, rather than us being parked up for lengthy periods having cosy chats! You get what you pay for – professional tuition from a professional instructor.
For PassPlus I normally aim to do three sessions of two hours as by that stage the driver can readily cope with a two hour session.
All lesson times and lengths, including any bespoke requests, will be discussed and tailored to suit your needs.